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Located in Madison Heights, Charlies Restaurant is the happening Family Restaurant where the locals go to dine, enjoy home cooked meals, and socialize. Our menu features dishes assembled with fresh ingredients that make you feel like home . Join us today.

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Charlie's Restaurant isn't the first eatery Jozef and Zoja Milicaj has owned.  Having been in the restaurant business since 1984 this is the third establishment that Joe and Zoja has owned. 


It's Charlie's in Madison Heights, located at the Northeast corner of 12 Mile and Campbell Road, that has captured their hearts.  The wonderful neighborhood and many loyal regulars have convinced them to be in it for the long haul, and they hope their customers feel the same way. 

Joe and Zoja took over Charlie's in October of 2012 after being made an offer they couldn't refuse. The Milicaj’s and their crew serve up classic American fare in a cozy and inviting atmosphere with an European flair. 


Keeping the original menu mostly intact, however making improvements by adding their own personal touch and true recipes  including; homemade soups, crepes, salad dressings and sauces.  Paying attention to details by replacing lunchmeats to preparing real roast turkey and corned beef for the large selection of sandwiches the menu offers. Breakfast is a huge hit and is offered all day long.  There are amazing specials and a great senior menu offered daily. Some of the dinner specials include lamb chops, spinach pie, chicken lemonato and a great fresh seafood selction.  Also offering an impressive five soups to choose from daily!  You will never leave Charlie's hungry.


Charlie's prides itself on its large portions, friendly staff and great quality food and affordable prices.  


According to one happy customer, "They are like family, give you tons of food and are sweet to your kids.  The food is ... just like homemade".

(This part gets a little sad) 

The little diner was everything Jozef ever wanted and dreamt of. He loved food and hosting parties. Joe always wanted a little place his family and him could work in. Working along side ones wife and two daughters might have drove most crazy but Joe loved it! 

He always made sure to tell them how to do everything in the restaurant. Always saying “The boss has to know how to do every job”. From teaching them the books to dishwashing ; he made sure they knew the insides and outs of the business. 

Joe and Zoja would work open to close every day. The diner was their life. That’s where the family got together. That’s where they hosted people and served food they loved. Joe loved the little diner and worked there until his last day. 

Zoja now runs the restaurant with her daughters unfortunately after losing Jozef on December 23, 2016. His legacy still lives on and the diner is still a local favorite ran by the same family! We know Joe is looking down on them smirking and saying “Those are my Charlie’s Angels” (inside joke)

Charlie's Restaurant is located at 29028 Campbell Road in Madison Heights.  Hours are 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday and 8 am until 3 pm on Sunday.  Call us at 248-545-9001  with any questions or to find out our daily specials

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